Symposia Events, LLC specializes in the planning and management of domestic and international corporate events. Founded in 1995, our team has over 30 years corporate experience. As a full service event planning and management firm, we offer a wide range of services, including Site Selection, Registration, Meeting Planning, and On-Site Management. We devise programs that meet your specific needs and assist with as much of the planning process as you require.

With experience and specialized knowledge in planning both large and small programs, Symposia Events, can help you ascertain the best choices for your event. We have developed vendor feasibility studies, know contract pitfalls and what to negotiate on your behalf, develop comprehensive budgets and manage program financials. Our planning expertise can help you avoid budget increases, on-site blunders, and costly mistakes.

“Hosting an event may be the best way to provide additional service to your clients, exchange knowledge with your organization or reward key employees - all of which are important in today's business environment. Event planning is a significant undertaking with countless details. Our goal is to have each guest's final impression of your event - and your company - be favorable and lasting.” Karen Payne, President

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